Monday, December 3, 2018

I Thought You Were Smart

I love the look on a friends face when they first find out I'm a young earth creationist. Despite any prior regard for my intelligence, their recoil says, "Oh no! I didn't realize you hadn't evolved a brain yet!" To be fair, I know that we creationists can be quick to think less of those who disagree with us as well. It's a human trait that carries through all matters of faith, politics and life in general.

For either side (of any issue) it's reassuring to think of our opponents as idiots. That's much less intimidating than knowing someone intelligent disagrees with us. And what if we're wrong?! That's a favorite way for Christians to dodge the issue of validating their faith anyway, right? We ask, "What if I'm wrong?" insinuating a less grievous consequence than "What if you're wrong?" and you're hell fodder. It's an easy way out but it's one Christ and the apostles never took. Instead, their appeal was steadfastly attached to the validity of what they had seen and touched for themselves.

Still, no matter how reasonable our convictions about the unobservable past, they're still just faith. But faith is no small thing to Christ who simply said he was the truth and humbly offered what he expected us to accept as proof. In our time, anyone trying to answer the question of our origins is looking further back than we can see with our own eyes. Even Christ acknowledged the hurdle that creates. For that alone, I hope all sides exercise an extra measure of humility and truthfulness in deciding what ideas best align with the things we can see and touch for ourselves. And if you don't share my view on that, I can't respect your opinion, you pathetic little amoeba brain. To which you say, "Takes one to know one." I always knew we were equals.


  1. Well said James. The fate of the dinosaurs, exact little timeline of creation, pre-tribulation , post tribulation,... all things that are not fundamental to our salvation, though worthy of more in depth study and wonder.
    As Followers of Christ our prime interest in my understanding should be to to the best of our ability, be listening and available to be the literal hands and feet of Christ’s love, poured out on those around us.
    Who has the time to invest in such arguments amongst ourselves, when quite literally Heaven and Hell are the stakes for the people God brings into our lives.
    I love you brother, and miss our conversations. Gods will for you and your family my friend!

    1. Thanks for jumping in, Bill! I appreciate you zooming in on the need for unity around the person of Christ above all else. I know your convictions are tried and true and I'm thankful our paths crossed before the next life. As always, it's a great encouragement to hear from you.

    2. I too found that (all) Encouraging. The more I live this thing we call life, the more I realize that another obstacle is something we all have (at least to some degree). Confirmation Bias, through which we tend to filter all input. "Does your world view align with mine? Yes? Great! No? Bummer. Now I either need to spend energy converting you to my way of thinking, or our association should be terminated."
      I suggest there is a tenuous distinction between our mission on this planet (from our Lord) and the reception we get from people who are opposed to it.

    3. Point well made, Tony. This post has gotten a few reads lately and we can certainly benefit from your reminder to scour our own reasoning for bias. Playing the devil"s advocate against my own arguments has often caused me to tread more lightly with others.