Friday, February 3, 2023

I'll Miss Out

To close the pop-up window soliciting me for the hundredth time to subscribe or face the unmitigated perils of the internet, I had to click the button labeled, "No thanks. I'll miss out". Apparently I need to acknowledge my devotion to simpleton living.

Since I was already humbled and ready to acknowledge my flaws, I had no trouble later when the gas station pump required me to push the "No Loyalty" button to proceed without a points card. Besides, I had already opted to miss out and I didn't want to add being inconsistent to my growing list of character flaws.

I still feel like there's hope, though. Christ's disciples all pushed the "no loyalty" button when it was time to associate with their disgraced and condemned rabbi. And the mobsters of Israel at the time smashed the "I'll miss out" button for lack of conviction that there was any hazard Christ could save them from. In spite of those famous mistakes, the instant any one of them showed enough humility to repent, they were restored to being able to surf the internet and buy gas without doing penance every time. Stick that in your gas tank the next time life demands that you push the "I suck" button. It's a points card you can't lose and you'll get the "life to the full" discount every time.