Saturday, September 16, 2017

Chasing Rainbows

"Can I touch it?!" my three year old daughter asked excitedly looking back at me from the brilliant, double-decker rainbow that glowed against the dark clouds behind it.
"Give it a try," I encouraged her in a moment of inspiration as iridescent raindrops continued to fall lightly around us through the bright sunshine overhead. No one else spoke up to ruin the innocent wonder as she went to the end of the driveway to get closer to it.
"I still can't reach it. Can I go to the street?" she sought permission to go the forbidden distance.
"Just no further than the street," I let her go and she lit up again with new hope. She reached the edge of the street, reached as high as she could, jumped up and down a little and then looked back at me.
"I need up!" she declared. "Can I ride on your shoulders?"
She reached as high as she could from my shoulders and with a better view of things made the observation, "It's over their, behind their house."
We crossed the street to the end of the world and she made a final effort reaching as far toward it as her short arms and my balance would allow.
"I can't reach it," she conceded the end of the chase while still reveling in the glory of the rainbow and being on dads shoulders on the other side of the street. The pursuit had already taken her higher and farther than usual.
"That's my friends house! Can they touch it?" her enthusiasm picked up again realizing they were closer to the rainbow than we were.
"Maybe they can," I enjoyed sharing the thrilling idea that someone else might be able to reach what we couldn't as we walked back to the house with our attention back on the iridescent rain.

We've chased moons and airplanes the same way. Will we ever catch one? Probably not. Are they worth chasing? Absolutely.