Saturday, December 6, 2014


It spoke softly to me,
“Do you know who I am?
I hold the strength on which you stand.
I am your friend, to warn you of a coming end.”
My strength will last another day. I bid you later come again.

There was space between the clouds today.
“Come play! Come play!”
I stretched my legs and made my way.
But they demanded more.
They asked for strength I knew I’d had before.
I tried to take a breath that wasn’t there.

It’s nothing. I only need to rest.
“It’s something. A very crucial test.”
Atrophy? Is that you? Have you come to be demanding too?
Please will you wait until my rest is through?
“But there’s more you need to know.”
Enough for now. I have to go.

There were clouds today.
“Come play! Come play!
The rain will wash your cares away!”
I noticed that the sky was turning red.
Another said, “I seek the living, not the dead.”
Atrophy? Is that you? Please wait here while I go ahead.

I took one step and fell.
“You need to know not everything is well.”
Atrophy? Is that you? Will you never let me sleep.
“There are secrets that the clouds above you keep.”
But they say all I wish to know.
Enough for now. I have to go.

The moon broke through the clouds tonight.
“Come dance with me beneath my silver light.
Forget your pain. Forget your plight.”
But the bed they helped me into held me fast.
Atrophy? Is that you? Should we talk at last?
“I was your friend, but now the lot is cast.”

c. James Cornelius

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